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!!! TODAY IS MY BABY SISTER'S 15TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!! happy birthday grace <3!
(lyrics from here, because she’s really into this song right now)

!!! TODAY IS MY BABY SISTER'S 15TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!! happy birthday grace <3!

(lyrics from here, because she’s really into this song right now)

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(its just me babbling about loving college, ill probs delete later)

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journal comic from my trip back to school. how do you stay comfortable during a 13-hour drive in the backseat of an overpacked van? trick question! you don’t.

additional note: i absolutely cannot draw cars

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siderealscion, is the Les Mis illustration your work? Cause Mia Karlsson from the original photo loves it and wonders if it’s possible to get a copy. You can find her on Twitter: @KarlssonMia

Original artwork from here:


oh wow!! i will definitely message her and see if she wants the high-rez file. thanks!!!!

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robedhapa asked: "Someone's probably told you by now, but your movie theatre comic was posted on cheezburger without properly crediting you. Put /8306754816 after the url"

thanks for telling me!  i found it on Imgur too, also with no credit. :( if anyone sees it anywhere else, please let me know; I’d like to keep track of it even if my name’s not attached.

always source your art, kids!

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ladyaddison asked: "HAI CLURR. I worked a shift last night, and the poor new girl being trained in concessions informed me that on the last shift we worked together, she saw a teenage couple go behind the giant billboard we have in the lobby, then come out fifteen minutes with really guilty looks on their faces. (The usher and I were horrified, then we told her that she should have kicked the billboard to see what would've happened.)"

poor newbie, innocent to the ways of the theater. but for real, i don’t know whether to be impressed or grossed out by those teenagers.

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kingpotate asked: "I just wanted to let you know, I have a constant problem of saying "how to train your meatball" or "cloudy with a chance of dragons.""

"how to train your meatball" will someone embroider that on a pillow for me

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super basic portrait doodle; i just really really wanted to draw this dress

super basic portrait doodle; i just really really wanted to draw this dress

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absolutely incredible

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The Adventures of George Washington by LadyHistory [more]


This are not my best work by far, but hell, most of what I post on here is crap, and I find these kind of cute so here they are - This is a collection of comic strips I did about a guy who’s next-door-neighbors to Satan. It’s just sort of a silly thing, and fertile soil for my really warped, dumb sense of humor, haha. Comic strips were a blast to make, which was actually kind of a surprise to me - I may make more in the future.

hey everybody should go check out my friend kyle’s art!! he is super rad

insta-crush asked: "The only time I caught people doing anything in a theatre was during the opening weekend of Son of God. it was in a smaller theatre but still filled with ppl, no one was in the front row except for this couple and when i go through to checking theaters I catch them feverishly making out with hands down each others pants wHILE JESUS IS BEING RESURRECTED."

this is beautiful and i’m mad at myself because there’s a great joke here somewhere involving ‘save room for jesus’ or ‘the second coming’ but nothing concrete is occurring to me

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1) Oh sure, all the time. One time we wouldn’t let this unaccompanied 16-year-old into an R rated movie and his mom called human resources to complain.

2) haha no anon theaters (at least my theaters, I can’t speak for all) do not have secret night vision sex cameras. we have ushers who look at the crowd sometimes.

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